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  • Dashboard Fleet Monitoring

    DashBoard Monitoring

    Power to monitor all the vehicles on the same window.
    A dashboard that shows the current location and movement status of all vehicles and keeps updating itself.

    Well defined markers and color codes are easy to read.

  • Vehicle Route Tracking

    Route Tracking

    Track the route taken by the vehicle on any day between any times. The complete route plotted on the map provides information on location of vehicle at any given time.

    History of tracks are maintained from 7days upto 90 days.

  • Near Point Location Alerts

    Near Points Alerts

    Define your own 'Mile Stones'. As your vehicle crosses these, you get alerted on your preferred email / sms.

    A efficient way of maintaining arrival and departure times.

  • Extensive GPS based reports


    Extensive set of reports are available that provides complete coverage of vehicle movement.

    Reports on movement times, stoppages, AC usage, overspeeding, alerts all on a single report dashboard.

  • Software and Hardware supported Geofencing


    Innvoative software based geofencing available. No need to define areas, draw polygons.

    Enable geofencing on your vehciles and get alerted on email / SMS anytime your vehicle moves out of the assigned route. This was never so simple.

  • Multi Channel, Multi platform access

    Access Platforms

    A specially designed mobile page for tracking. You dont need to carry your system all the time. Get the current location and status of your vehicle on your mobile phone.

    No SMS dependency and available 24/7.

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Vehicle tracking made easy

The Global Positioning System (GPS) OR The Vehicle Tracking System OR a Fleet Management System as it is popularly known as, is a system which is supported by hardware(GPS tracking unit) and Software that processes the information obtained from this unit into a human readable format. The GPS tracker unit by applying its processing logic, processes the signal obtained from satellite and calculates its location on earth, in terms of latitude, longitude and altitude. This information is gathered at regular interval and stored. On demand, the location of the asset where there unit is installed can be tracked and monitored in real time.

This GPS tracking unit when installed inside your vehicle, combined with software solution forms the Vehicle Tracking System.

***** Dynakode most stable product G-71 GPS tracker is now empaneled by DIMTS for deployment in all Public Service Vehicles in Delhi, for compliance of permit conditions by Delhi Transport Department

The vehicle tracking system has its many uses ranging from "Theft Protection", "Location Monitoring", "Vehicle Tracking", "Fleet Management" with the common objective of increasing the efficiency of the existing fleet and ease of management. The ROI is immediate and turns better toplines in very less time.

  • Dynakode Tracking & Monitoring Dashboard

    User-friendly Dashboard & Reports

    A true Dashboard, track and monitor all your vehicles from a single window dashboard. Easy to use and friendly web based application. A detailed MIS providing finest set of reports to meet all your requirements.

  • Dynakode Real Time Monitoring

    Real Time Monitoring

    Track it as it happens. Real time monitoring with latest location details available to you 24/7. Dynakode Monitor enables you to get instant updates for your vehicle and assets on location, speed, alerts, violations, status and much more.

  • Dynakode Tailor Made Solutions

    Customized Solutions

    We understand one solution does not fit all. It may be, Fleet of vehicles OR Heavy Machinery OR any mobile asset, we can offer to you a totally customized and a fitting solution. Discuss your requirements with domain experts.

  • Total Fleet Management Solution by Dynakode

    Fleet Management

    Dynakode offers customized fleet maintenance and driver management solutions to efficiently manage your schedules. An efficient opeations and management provides a faster ROI and an improved top line.